Timber Frame Quality

Wood Selection

Blue Ridge Timberwrights employs a variety of wood choices for your design, each with its own advantages.

A traditional and cost-effective choice for your timber frame is unseasoned or fresh-cut timbers, including Eastern white pine, Southern yellow pine, Douglas fir, oak, cypress, and cedar. Unseasoned timbers are used in timber frames for a rustic appearance.

We also offer Radio Frequency Kiln Dried (RFKD) Douglas fir, oak, and a variety of other species. This material is put oversized into a vacuum, and the water is stimulated out of it by Radio Frequency Waves. The timbers are taken to around 12% moisture content, then removed from the kiln and resurfaced. Kiln-dried timber retains its natural color and has the appearance of freshly sawn wood. Kiln drying reduces checking, and the drying process nearly eliminates twists, bows, cups, crooks, and warping.


Reclaimed Timbers


We recommend using our reclaimed timbers to add a sense of history to your frame. Reclaimed timber is salvaged from older structures such as large warehouses and port buildings.

These timbers can sometimes be found in large sizes and longer lengths because of the spans built in the older structures. Reclaimed material tends to be old-growth timber, thus denser and with a more dramatic grain color.

Our St. Lawrence Seaway timbers were salvaged from decades-old floating “sidewalks” that once helped men steer timber down rivers and across lakes. Boom timbers salvaged from the St. Lawrence Seaway give this timber a warm aged appearance with a sense of history.

Blue Ridge’s fire kiln Douglas fir timbers are an affordable reclaimed alternative. These timbers were killed in forest fires. They are often old-growth timbers and can be found in larger sizes and longer lengths than unseasoned material. These distinctive timbers are an excellent environmentally friendly choice.

Structural Insulated Panels

Blue Ridge Timberwrights can provide your project with structural insulated panels (SIPs). These consist of a solid, one-piece, pre-cut unit that is ready to install as wall, floor, or roof components. Each SIP consists of a core of molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) or Urethane insulation with engineered oriented strand board (OSB) laminated to the top and bottom faces.

The SIP system is a key component in timber frame construction that will reduce energy costs and provide a strong, secure building envelope.

Windows & Doors

Blue Ridge Timberwrights can supply high-quality, high-performance windows and doors for your timber frame project. We have many providers to select any window configuration you can imagine. A distinctive window is the perfect complement to a well-designed, well-constructed timber frame.


Tongue & Groove Wood Paneling

Solid wood tongue and groove are the perfect complements to your timber frame structure. Blue Ridge Timberwrights’ 1″x8″ tongue and groove paneling offers you an affordable solution to paneling the interior of your roof.

We can also supply you with a pre-stained tongue and groove for your timber frame project. This tongue and groove has an incredibly tough finish and can stand up to the most demanding families. It’s up to three times harder than finishes applied by a painter.